Classification Maximum Ascension Element Skills
rarity-mythic.png rarity-mythic.png Chaos
  • Void Magic
  • Glimpse
  • Devour Knowledge
  • Muddle
Abhorrence is obtained by completing the Magic Devourer Ancient Trial.


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Void Magic

Cost: 5 Mana
The Abhorrence was born anew from twisted magic and has an affinity for controlling it.

For 8.40 seconds allies are immune to common debuffs and take 50% reduced damage from non-chaos Spell Towers.

Ancient Level Duration
Level 1 8.40 seconds
Level 2 8.80 seconds
Level 7 9.12 seconds
Level 12 9.42 seconds
Level 17 9.70 seconds
Level 22 9.97 seconds
Level 27 10.23 seconds
Level 32 10.49 seconds
Level 37 10.74 seconds
Level 42 10.99 seconds
Level 47 11.23 seconds
Level 52 11.47 seconds
Level 57 11.70 seconds
Level 62 11.94 seconds
Level 67 12.17 seconds
Ancient Level Duration
Level 90 13.06 seconds

Astral Gear


The Elders are Estara's most elite practitioners of Primus channeling and harnessing. All attended the fabled Academy of Elemental Arts deep in the desert region of Salarath, and rose to take positions on the Elder Council.

Obtain Mastery Stars in game to unlock more backstory!