Classification Maximum Ascension Element
Rarity_Superior.png Rarity_Rare.png Death
The Dread Corsair is available from an event.

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Black Spot

Cost: 5 Mana
Those marked with the Black Spot face certain death, for the Drowned Corsair's wrath will haunt them to their graves.

Defenses marked with the black spot are paralyzed for 2 seconds and take 50% additional damage for 6 seconds, while being prioritized by troops.

Ancient Level Paralysis Duration Damage Increase and Troop Focus Duration
Level 1 2.00 seconds 6.00 seconds
Level 2 2.20 seconds 6.59 seconds
Level 7 2.35 seconds 7.00 seconds
Level 12 2.50 seconds 7.50 seconds
Level 17 2.64 seconds 7.91 seconds
Level 22 2.77 seconds 8.31 seconds
Level 27 2.90 seconds 8.70 seconds
Ancient Level Paralysis Duration Damage Increase and Troop Focus Duration
Level 1 2.20 seconds 6.60 seconds
Level 2 2.38 seconds 7.14 seconds
Level 7 2.52 seconds 7.57 seconds
Level 12 2.66 seconds 7.98 seconds
Level 17 2.79 seconds 8.36 seconds
Level 22 2.91 seconds 8.72 seconds
Level 27 3.00 seconds 9.08 seconds
Level 32 3.14 seconds 9.43 seconds
Level 37 3.26 seconds 9.77 seconds


Pauldron of Mutiny
PauldronOfMutiny_transparent.png Consume to increase the rarity of the Dread Corsair. Increased by one step up to a maximum of Epic.

Astral Gear


As Captain of the Pirate ship 'The Ruthless', Silas Ash had earned notoriety throughout Estara's coasts. He was said to be a man fierce to his foes, but fair to his crew. When the Captain discovered a longstanding crew member had been a woman in disguise all along, he soon fell in love with the courageous and resourceful Lenora. Although a few feared the age-old curse of having a woman aboard a ship, many felt that she'd earned her place there.

Obtain this Ancient in game to unlock their full backstory!!