Gus was playable for a limited as a part of the April Fools' 2020 Beat the Base challenge and is no longer available.
Classification Maximum Ascension Element
Rarity_Mythic.png Rarity_Mythic.png Prism
Gus is a rare reward from completing the Prism Daily Campaign.
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This Could Get Pugly

Cost: 5 Mana
Fearless in the face of adversity, Gus not only faces danger but chases after it. Good boy!

Affected troops take 50% less damage and gain 25% speed for 6.00 seconds.

Ancient Level Duration
Level 1 8.40 seconds
Level 2 8.80 seconds
Level 7 9.12 seconds
Level 12 9.42 seconds
Level 17 9.70 seconds
Level 22 9.97 seconds
Level 27 10.23 seconds
Level 32 10.49 seconds
Level 37 10.74 seconds
Level 42 10.99 seconds
Level 47 11.23 seconds
Level 52 11.47 seconds
Level 57 11.70 seconds
Level 62 11.94 seconds
Level 67 12.17 seconds


Raised on the mean streets of a distant universe, Gus is no stranger to danger. This pug may look cute and cuddly, but he's a quick study and always thinks two steps ahead. Gus has picked up some new tricks in Estara and if he can't take back his city, he's ready to take yours.

Obtain Mastery Stars in game to unlock more backstory!