Classification Maximum Ascension Element
Rarity_Rare.png Rarity_Rare.png Lightning
Unlocked through an Event
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Cost: 5 Mana
Those devoted to Isabeau d’Épée will head fearlessly into battle. Climbing atop the fallen if they have to.

Affected troops gain 45% increased damage for 10.50 seconds. If a unit with Fearless falls then all othereffected units recover 12 - 15 health.

Ancient Level Healing Duration
Level 1 12 - 15 10.50 seconds
Level 3 14 - 17 10.85 seconds
Level 8 15 - 19 11.14 seconds
Level 13 17 - 21 11.40 seconds
Level 18 18 - 23 11.65 seconds
Level 23 20 - 24 11.89 seconds
Level 28 21 - 26 12.12 seconds
Level 33 22 - 28 12.34 seconds
Level 38 24 - 29 12.57 seconds

Astral Gear


Isabeau d’Épée was not born with a sword in her hand, but there’s no doubting she’ll die with one in it.

Isabeau started her life as the younger daughter of a poor rural farming family, who lived in a kingdom besieged by war due to a foreign king’s claim over their kingdom’s throne. There were many who supported these claims in the hopes of averting a lengthy war. But there were also factions who sort to push out the invaders and establish their own ruler, unfettered by foreign influence. This saturated the land in struggle and strife from inside and out, with the innocent caught in the middle and suffering the most.

Obtain Mastery Stars in game to unlock more backstory!