In the battle for Estara you’re not alone. Whenever your back’s against the wall you can summon the power of the Ancients to your side. These mighty beings channel their power directly through the Primus - the essence of creation. They are feared and deadly warriors, masters of magic, beneficent spirits and malevolent demons. And they’ll help you… if they deem you worthy.








Classes of Ancients

Ancients are split into 7 classifications:

Rarity_Common.png enhanced up to level 15
Rarity_Superior.png enhanced up to level 30
Rarity_Rare.png enhanced up to level 40
Rarity_Epic.png enhanced up to level 50
Rarity_Legendary.png enhanced up to level 60
Rarity_Mythic.png enhanced up to level 70
Rarity_Celestial.png enhanced up to level 80

Ancient Ascension

Ancients can be ascended beyond their starting rarity by using Ascension Materials. These materials can be acquired in a variety of different ways such as participating in events, found in chest, ancient trials, and crafting. More details on each Ancient's available Ascension Materials can be found on each Ancient's page.

Ascension Material Chests

Ascension Material Chests of Epic, Legendary, and Mythic rarity can be crafted in the Alchemy Workshop using Ascension Material Chest Tokens. Each chest contains 1 randomly selected Ascension Material which can be used to ascend an Ancient up to the same maximum rarity as the rarity of the chest.

Epic Ascension Material Chest Contents

Legendary Ascension Material Chest Contents

Mythic Ascension Material Chest Contents

Ancient Enhance Cost (non-dragons)

Dragon Enhance Cost

Ancient Starting Mana

Ancient Mastery

Ancient Enhancement

Ancient Trials