Classification Maximum Ascension Element
Rarity_Epic.png Rarity_Epic.png Chaos
Elder Mage: Rahvenna can be found in the Chaos Daily Campaign Chest.
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Chaos Frenzy

Cost: 5 Mana
Chaos alters order to create a more beneficial reality.

Allied units are rendered immune to Spell Tower: Muddle and gain 15% increased damage.

Ancient Level Duration
Level 1 8.40 seconds
Level 2 8.98 seconds
Level 7 9.44 seconds
Level 12 9.87 seconds
Level 17 10.27 seconds
Level 22 10.66 seconds
Level 27 11.00 seconds
Level 32 11.41 seconds
Level 37 11.77 seconds
Level 42 12.13 seconds
Level 47 12.48 seconds


Estara’s famed Academy of Elemental Arts had trained many mages in its time. The young Rahvenna had joined the school full of dreams and aspirations. However, it tragically turned out that she did not prove to be very skilled with any of the elements. She was able to command each, but was never to achieve mastery over any domain. Her tutors along with the other students branded her as dismal failure and ridiculed her lacking attempts.

Obtain Mastery Stars in game to unlock more backstory!