Tanok is a Gryphon Companion. Unlike regular Ancients, Gryphon Companion Ancients are enhanced using specialized Gryphon Primus and they cannot be assigned to Spell Towers. Rather than having a Spell Tower ability, Gryphon Companions instead increase the strength of their Gryphon when leveled up. Tanok's Gryphon is Makani.

Classification Maximum Ascension Element
Rarity_Common.png Rarity_Superior.png Nature
Nature is available from The Sentinels campaign.

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Jungle Champions

Cost: 5 Mana
Tanok's very presence is enough to inspire those around him.

Affected troops gain +30% damage and speed for 9.00 seconds.

Ancient Level Duration
Level 1 9.00 seconds
Level 2 10.00 seconds
Level 7 10.91 seconds
Level 12 11.69 seconds
Ancient Level Duration
Level 1 10.00 seconds
Level 2 10.98 seconds
Level 7 11.77 seconds
Level 12 12.49 seconds
Level 17 13.18 seconds
Level 22 13.85 seconds
Level 27 14.49 seconds


Ceremonial Macuahuitl
CeremonialMacuahuitl_transparent.png Consume to increase the rarity of Tanok. Increased by one step up to a maximum of Legendary.

Astral Gear


Estara is divided into six wards: The Mountainside, Desert, Woodland, Badland, Plain and finally the Coastal Ward. Each area is guarded by one of the ‘Sentinel Gryphons’ and their companions. Rumor has it that a secret tower, enormous in height, houses their council. It is said that the building has neither windows nor doors or steps and can only be accessed by air. There the Sentinels gather to guard Estara from any outer as well as inner threats. All twelve council members are equals and unified by a single purpose: to keep peace and enforce justice.

Obtain this Ancient in game to unlock their full backstory!!