Follow us on the journey of the lore to the lead up of the release of Astral Gear! Make your Ancients even more powerful!


1. “You should have stayed asleep, my brother. Your seas may have claimed many of these mortals, but my stars have ruled their fates. If you cannot destroy this Ruin, I shall. Finally, I shall destroy you as well, Kothga…”

First Gear Available - Astral Stone (Pure)(Can be used on any Ancient) additional starting mana.


2. “Do you see my power, in the skies, Kothga? Do you feel powerless to stop it from below the Estaran soil and seas? Soon every one of these mortals may wield my power, if they only swear their adoration to me. Soon all shall become gods, and gods, even you, shall kneel to those who believe. Your worshippers have destroyed your temples, your Eye of Destruction lies cracked and broken. The age of Chaos will never begin, for now It is the Time of Stars. Do you see the skies? Behold your new dawn, Estara.”


3. “Umbral Legend speaks of a sibling to Kothga, a glowing, ethereal sister who he shattered into a hundred thousand stars. They say her stars led sailors to safe passage, in defiance of his undersea power. These legends have taken on other various forms through Estaran cultures, with many repetitions from seafaring cultures of the “star god assisting sailors” mythology. There is large variance in these stories between most cultures to fit their own pantheon, but with statistically significant frequency there is also a vein of prophecy. These prophecies frequently speak of a man in a tower, cursed by another god, who brings down a falling star to Estara to enact the punishment of this forgotten star god. However, as neither the Guardian Council or the Academy of Elemental Mages has ever found this immortal, cursed betrayer in his tower, the Academy has listed this as superstition giving credence to the existence of falling stars. We do not believe this “Astrallis” exists in the same way Kothga has been proven to exist as a supernatural entity.”

-Kwan’s Anthropological Notes on “Astrallis” in the Academy Library. There is a footnote, scrawled in what may be blood…


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