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Bonus damage from 'Vertebral Scourge' increased. At Superior and above 'Rider's Whisper' deals increase damage to buildings affected by 'Fog of Night'. At Legendary and above buildings destroyed while under the effect of 'Fog of Night' grant +1 Bonus Mana.

Lowest Rarity Current Maximum Rarity Element
Rarity_Common.png Rarity_Mythic.png Death

The following ancients may equip this piece of gear:

An Dullahan - Fog of Night (5 Mana), Rider's Whisper (10 Mana), Vertebral Scourge (15 Mana)


Gear Quality 'Vertebral Scourge' Damage 'Rider's Whisper' Damage Bonus Mana from 'Fog of Night' Astralite to Equip
Rarity_Common.png 200% 12
Rarity_Superior.png 225% 125% 20
Rarity_Rare.png 250% 150% 32
Rarity_Epic.png 275% 175% 40
Rarity_Legendary.png 300% 225% 1 55
Rarity_Mythic.png 400% 300% 1 70

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