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Increases the damage dealt by 'Blazing Beacon' and causes troops to deal increased damage to Spell Towers. At higher rarities also causes destroyed defenses to grant additional mana.

Lowest Rarity Current Maximum Rarity Element
Rarity_Common.png Rarity_Legendary.png Fire

The following ancients may equip this piece of gear:



Gear Quality Blazing Beacon Damage Increase Troop Damage Increase Against Spell Towers Bonus Mana on Defense Destruction Astralite to Equip
Rarity_Common.png 100% 100% - 12
Rarity_Superior.png 200% 200% 2 20
Rarity_Rare.png 300% 300% 3 32
Rarity_Epic.png 400% 400% 4 40
Rarity_Legendary.png 600% 600% 5 55

Astral Gear overview