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Bulvarigg's 'Divine Nectar' healing and troop damage increased. At Legendary rarity also grants Bulvarigg increased starting mana, and causes 'Bow to Me' to grant additional mana upon destroying buildings.

Lowest Rarity Current Maximum Rarity Element
Rarity_Common.png Rarity_Legendary.png Ice

The following ancients may equip this piece of gear:

Bulvarigg - Divine Nectar (5 Mana), Bow to Me (10 Mana)


Gear Quality Divine Nectar Healing Increase Divine Nctar Troop Damage Increase Bow To Me Building Destruction Bonus Mana Starting Mana Increase Astralite to Equip
Rarity_Common.png 125% 200% 12
Rarity_Superior.png 150% 250% 20
Rarity_Rare.png 175% 300% 32
Rarity_Epic.png 200% 350% 40
Rarity_Legendary.png 300% 450% 1 2 55

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