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Corsair's 'Phantom Cutlass' deals additional damage. At Superior and above, causes defenses influenced by Corsair's 'Mutiny!' to deal increased damage. At Legendary, Drowned Corsair receives bonus starting mana.

Lowest Rarity Current Maximum Rarity Element
Rarity_Common.png Rarity_Legendary.png Death

The following ancients may equip this piece of gear:

Drowned Corsair - Mutiny! (10 Mana), Phantom Cutlass (15 Mana)


Gear Quality Cutlass Damage Increase Mutiny! Defense Damage Increase Bonus Starting Mana Astralite to Equip
Rarity_Common.png 10% 12
Rarity_Superior.png 20% 10% 20
Rarity_Rare.png 30% 20% 32
Rarity_Epic.png 40% 25% 40
Rarity_Legendary.png 50% 30% 2 55

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