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Troops under the effects of Chaos Frenzy deal increased damage. At higher rarities, Chaos Blast deals increased damage, and Chaos Elemental spawns additional elementals.

Lowest Rarity Current Maximum Rarity Element
Rarity_Common.png Rarity_Legendary.png Chaos

The following ancients may equip this piece of gear:

Rahvenna - Chaos Frenzy (5 Mana), Chaos Blast (10 Mana), Chaos Elemental (15 Mana)


Gear Quality Chaos Frenzy Troop Damage Increase Chaos Blast Damage Increase Additional Chaos Elemental Squad Astralite to Equip
Rarity_Common.png 130% 12
Rarity_Superior.png 160% 20
Rarity_Rare.png 175% 150% 32
Rarity_Epic.png 205% 200% 40
Rarity_Legendary.png 250% 300% Yes 55

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