Any troop which enters the Poison Fountain’s range will immediately be afflicted by a lifestealing poison debuff which will deal moderate damage and heal the Fountain for 10% of the damage dealt. Destroying the Poison Fountain will immediately remove any debuffs applied by the Fountain.

Table of Contents
Size Attack Range Damage Type Troop Target Type
3x3 6 tiles Magical, Area Damage Ground


Level Upgrade Cost (Gold) Upgrade Cost (Rings) Upgrade Time Stronghold Level Required
1 12,000,000 9,000 4 days 18 hours 18
Level HP Damage Per Second Damage Per Target Range Lifesteal
1 2,000 8 3 - 5 6 10%

Mithril Upgrade costs

Once you have invested in an upgrade tree (see below) you are locked into it. To invest you must pay the Mithril and ring cost which scales based in points already invested:

Count Mithril Cost Ring Cost
1 10 350
2 5 780
3 5 1400
4 5 2350
5 5 3600