Generates Rings from your top10 Facebook Friends (based on their Stronghold level).

Building Size Mana gained when destroyed
4x4 0
Level Build Cost (Gold) Build Time Hitpoints SH Level
1 6,800 Instant 510 5
Friends SH Level Rings
SH5 1
SH6 1
SH7 1
SH8 2
SH9 2
SH10 3
SH11 3
SH12 4
SH13 4
SH14 5
SH15 5


  • You cannot lose Rings from this building on defense.
  • Adding friends will not update in real time. Friends list updates once every 22 hours.
  • You can only collect rings from your top10 active players based on their SH level.
  • If the user upgrades their Stronghold but you have not yet collected their rings for the day, it will not refresh with the new value until the following day.
  • Your friends must have logged into RK within the past 3 days for you to collect from them.
  • Players can nudge their inactive friends through the Tavern.
  • The amount of rings you collect from a friend is calculated by (SH level - 4)/2 (rounded down, 1 ring is the minimum).
  • You can logout of Facebook from: Menu > Settings > Accounts, but you will need to login again in order to collect rings.
  • You can always collect rings from Loremaster Elias Aurelius, even if you have 10 active friends. The amount of rings he is worth is based on your own Stronghold level.
  • Friends that have not logged in for more than 3 days will be listed as "inactive", you can remind them to login.