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Malice (for Desktop) 4:3
Malice (For Desktop) 16:9
Malice (For Mobile) 750
Malice (For Mobile) 1080


Alandra (for Desktop) 4:3
Alandra (For Desktop) 16:9
Alandra (For Mobile) 750
Alandra (For Mobile) 1080


Talasin (for Desktop) 4:3
Talasin (For Desktop) 16:9
Talasin (For Mobile) 750
Talasin (For Mobile) 1080


Sulric (for Desktop) 4:3
Sulric (For Desktop) 16:9
Sulric (For Mobile) 750
Sulric (For Mobile) 1080


Jal (for Desktop) 4:3
Jal (For Desktop) 16:9
Jal (For Mobile) 750
Jal (For Mobile) 1080

Fan Art

We asked for fan art and you all delivered. The Rival Kingdom's community blew us away with their creativity, but there can only be 10 winners. Below are our top 10 picks, randomly ordered.

Click here to see our Week of Wiki Fan Art Winners

Week of Wiki

Starting 16/11/15

  • Monday - Get caught up on RK
  • Tuesday - Youtuber Wanted Contest
  • Wednesday - Get your RK Wallpaper!
  • Thursday - Your Fanart!
  • Friday - More of your Fanart!
  • Saturday/Sunday - Vote for your favourite Ancient

Over the course of the week we will be running competitions, giving out prizes and celebrating our Wiki. Keep tuned into our social media sites (see the bottom of our homepage) for more information on how you can get involved.