Ascension Materials are items that are used to elevate an Ancients rarity level. Every Ancient has a native rarity level (Common, Superior, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic). Raising an Ancient’s rarity makes their spells more powerful in battles. Ascension Materials can be gained from Trials, Events, and Arena Seasons.

Fire To Rare/Epic To Legendary To Mythic
Sulric/Anir Sleeping Flame Sigil Sleeping Flame Magma Stone -
Nakhti - - -
Emberclaw Scale of Elahel Ancient Dragon Heart Enkindled Soul Tribute
Jal - Full Moon Nectar -
Karis Sunstaff - Essence of the Seven Suns -
Eloni Forbidden Grimoire Fire Ritual Candle -
Huojin - Scalding Materials Molten Materials
Golgogg - - -
Daji Snake Anklet Golden Serpent Coil -
Rabinovitch Inferno Ritual Chalice Sleeping Flame Brand -
King Darkforge Dwarven Coin 1 (Rare)/Dwarven Coin 2 (Epic) Dwarven Coin 3 -
Nezha - Iron Lotus Lantern Golden Lotus Lantern
Ice To Rare/Epic To Legendary To Mythic
Hegar - - -
Birna - Snowstorm -
Foreveil White Eagle Kris Ancient Dragon Heart Glacial Soul Tribute
Admiral Lee - Blades of Salt Golden Navy Blades
Siku - Lover's Skin Lure of the Deep
banemaw White Eagle Kris - -
Yelsara Forbidden Grimoire Ice Ritual Candle -
Father Frost Winterheart Chest Hearth Blessing Hearth Festival
Wukong Life Peach Ruyi Jingu Bang -
Yukika Captured Mist Frozen Soul Frozen Past
Captain Lenora Flintlock Pistol "Truthseeker" Private Stock Grog
Tragard Anzu Treat Jóra's Pendant -
Snowsong Mountain Quiver Holly Branch Quiver -
Nature To Rare/Epic To Legendary To Mythic
Kestra Artemis Artemis Artemis
Viscaria - Ancient Dragon Heart Toxic Soul Tribute
Erasmus - Trickster's Dagger Djinn's Stinger
Zillah - Isra's Scrapbook Regal Memories
Amani - Sanguine Thorns Sacred Scarab
Gydian Forbidden Grimoire Nature Ritual Candle -
Yagumo - Wind Scroll -
Lupita Full Moon Pendant Blood Moon Pendant -
Swiftwing Mechanical Pinion Petrified Wing -
Orelia Red Cauldron Wooden Stake Ceremonial Stake
Mirek Ring of Venom - Ring of the Earth
Elmus - Birchheart Vambraces Lost Wisp
Lightning To Rare/Epic To Legendary To Mythic
Lyris Broken Shackle Warden's Key Conductive Lavaliere
Aegis - Infused Armguard -
Talasin - Ancient Dragon Heart -
Essence Master Villager Offering Villager Offering Villager Offering
Adhira - Tuka's Regalia Thunder Regalia
Tyrus Forbidden Grimoire Lightning Ritual Candle -
Isabeau d'Epee - - -
Alandra Ephraim's Sword Chromatic Scale -
Jaelleck Malvos' Missing Trinkets Malvos' Missing Trinkets Thunder of Thieves
Kyna - Sisterhood Blade Arc of the Three
Serra - Prisoner’s Dagger Revenger’s Dagger
Iro Vengeful Masquerade Vengeful Masquerade Emerald Domino Mask
Death To Rare/Epic To Legendary To Mythic
Yalenati - Mortal Soul -
Nyrax Purified Soul Ruin Banner -
Tokemi - Fate's Hands -
Moloch - Victory Locks Conqueror's Flail
Brandr Seal of The Dragon Last Dragon's Seal -
Xolonia - Enchanted Mask Alluring Glance
Kwan Forbidden Grimoire Death Ritual Candle -
Malice - - Cursed Soul Tribute
Marionette Abandoned Doll Dollmaker's Elixir -
Zhe Mo Talisman Talisman of Death Talisman of Decay
Valora Shadowkit Dagger Deathless Poison -
Chaos To Rare/Epic To Legendary To Mythic
Saelos - Cracked Eye Shattered Eye
Demarus - Silent Chaos Heart Crystalline Chaos Heart
Ximenia Chaos Signet Chaos Signet Kothga's Blessing
Azulo Exiled Staff Chaos Cudgel Soulseer's Scepter
Tailor Toxin Touch - -