Hello Estarians,

This week’s event is hitting Epic proportions. The time has come to introduce you to Estara’s first ever Chaos Dragon - Demarus! As our first dragon in over a year, Demarus brings new powers that reach ‘Mythic’ levels over the course of the next three events. Demarus is the most powerful dragon yet with the ability to wreak havoc on bases with his 50% damage mitigation upon sweeping across the base. Coupled with a Bloodthirst boost Demarus is almost unkillable and can take out a good majority a base with just his sweep!

Only the truly dedicated will be able to unlock and harness his massive power.

Alongside this week’s event, a spooky treat is in store for all that participate as a gifting event suitable for All Hallows Eve (Halloween) brings the ability to gift chests which contain exciting treats such as crafting materials to make spooky boosts that will help you gain points in the next two events along with Mithril Reset Tokens, Temporary Canvases, Temporary ring and gold perks, Battle Stones, Gold, and Chaotic Spirit boosts that aid you in your journey to unlocking Demarus.

Next week brings a calmer event after the explosive arrival of Demarus! During this week, you will have a chance to grab up Chaos Primus to level up your newly acquired Chaos Dragon! Spooky boosts will come in handy in this event so make sure you take advantage of the head start on crafting of them!

Our final week will allow the truly dedicated who want to unlock the full potential of Demarus to band together and fight for an opportunity to obtain the Crystalline Chaos Heart!

Following the Demarus events the month ahead will be a much calmer four weeks.

Space Ape Games

Event Details

Start: Friday, October 21st @ 11:00 am UTC

End: Monday, October 24th @ 11:00 am UTC

Defeat your rivals in battle to earn Chaos Gems for your kingdom. Collect Chaos Gems to earn prizes and compete on the leaderboard!

How to join

  • Stronghold level 6+

How to Play

Play Rival Kingdoms and earn Chaos Gems. The more Chaos Gems you get, the better the prizes.

Arena: + 10 Chaos Gems
PvP: + 8 Chaos Gems
Malice, Emberclaw, Viscaria and Talasin: +1 Chaos Gems
Booster Values:
Soul Sacrifice Boosters:
Superior: +1 Chaos Gems
Rare: +2 Chaos Gems
Epic: +3 Chaos Gems
Legendary: +5 Chaos Gems

Chaotic Spirit Boosters:
Superior: +8 Chaos Gems
Rare: +12 Chaos Gems
Epic: +16 Chaos Gems
Legendary: +32 Chaos Gems

Event Prizes

Prize Chaos Gems
Treat Chest 180
50,000 Gold 800
Trick Chest 2000
500 Chaos Primus 3800
100,000 Gold 6300
500 Chaos Primus 9300
10 Mithril Shards 13000
250,000 Gold 17500
1,000 Chaos Primus 22500
5 Crystals 28800
1,000 Chaos Primus 35500
2,500 Chaos Primus 43000
300,000 Gold 51000
2,500 Chaos Primus 60500
10 Crystals 70000
5,000 Chaos Primus 81000
20 Mithril Shards 92500
Demarus 105000
5,000 Chaos Primus 106000
30 Mithril Shards 109000
10,000 Chaos Primus 113500
15,000 Chaos Primus 120500
20 Crystals 130000
30,000 Chaos Primus 140500
10 Runes 153000
Silent Chaos Heart 168000