Event Details

Start: Thursday, February 18th at 14:00 GMT

End: Sunday, February 21st at 23:59 GMT

Quests are back! It's time to prove you have what it takes to obtain up to 3 Forbidden Grimoires and level up Estaras’ most elite practitioners of Primus channeling and harnessing: Kwan, Eloni, Yelsara or Tyrus of the Elder council can be leveled up to Epic status, so make sure you battle for the grimoires, trust us, once you level up these Ancients, they'll become your number one choice for your spell towers.

How to join

  • To find Timed Quest: Please go to Menu > Quests > "Timed" Tab

How to Play

Play Rival Kingdoms and win 100 battles* from each using each Ancients below:
Three Forbidden Grimoires are up for grabs this weekend.

1: Win 100 battles with Kestra
Prize: 1 Forbidden Grimoire

2: Win 100 battles with Hegar
Prize: 1 Forbidden Grimoire

3: Win 100 battles with Yalenati
Prize: 1 Forbidden Grimoire

*Destroying the opponent's Stronghold will count as 1 win.
*There will be no bonuses provided for using any specific ancients or boosts.

  • Forbidden Grimoire

Can increase the rarity of Kwan, Eloni, Yelsara or Tyrus up to Epic one tier at a time. Increasing the rarity of these mages will allow you to gain more levels, unlocking their unique advantage on Spell Towers, through more Spell Tower skill levels.