Event Schedule

This event will run from Thursday, November 25th at approximately 16:00 UTC to Thursday, December 2nd at approximately 11:00 UTC (subject to change) The exact start or end-time may vary slightly, so plan accordingly.
Strongholds level 1 - 19.4 along with many of their associated defenses will have their upgrade costs reduced by up to 70% and their upgrade times reduced by up to 30%!

As with Stronghold Sales in the past, the exact discounts will depend on the level of the building. Note that new building and troop levels included in Stronghold 19.5 and 19.6 content are not included in this sale.

Please keep in mind that at the conclusion of the sale, upgrade times will return to normal and any ongoing upgrades will have their remaining upgrade time increased by the difference between the discounted upgrade time and standard upgrade time. You may wish to skip your remaining upgrade time prior to the sale's conclusion.

The following discounts are applied in this sale.


Standard Crafting Recipe Discounts (discounted until December 2nd)

Ascension Materials for Ancient Ingredient Discount Craft Time Discount
Swiftwing, King Darkforge, Captain Lenora, Essence Master 75% 75%
Titoryki, Galimi, Kititi, Ninya 60% 60%
Elduri, Artimus 40% 40%
Mithril - 50%

Limited Time Crafting Recipe Discounts (available until December 2nd)

Ascension Material Ingredient Discount
Rabinovitch's Sleeping Flame Brand 25%
Daji's Golden Serpent Coil 25%
Jal's Full Moon Nectar 25%
Karis Sunstaff's Essence of the Seven Suns 25%
Yukika's Frozen Soul 25%
Zillah's Lover's Skin 25%
Birna's Snow Storm 25%
Alandra's Chromatic Scale 25%
Lyris' Warden's Key 25%
Lupita's Dark Moon Pendant 25%
Yagumo's Wind Scroll 25%
Yagumo's Kaze No Kage 25%
Valora's Deathless Poison 25%
Yalenati's Mortal Soul 25%
Nyrax's Ruin Banner 25%
Brandr's Last Dragon's Seal 25%
Eloni's Fire Ritual Candle 25%
Yelsara's Ice Ritual Candle 25%
Tyrus' Lightning Ritual Candle 25%
Kwan's Death Ritual Candle 25%


SH Level Upgrade Unlocks Gold Discount Ring Discount
2 - 14 70% 60%
15 60% 50%
16 55% 45%
17 50% 40%
18 - 18.5 30% 30%
19 - 19.3 20% 20%
19.4 10% 10%

Buildings Included in Sale