Event Details

Start: Saturday, December 19th at 11:00 am GMT

End: Tuesday, December 22nd at 11:00 am GMT

Father Frost is famous throughout Estara for his judgement of children, but with the growing wars, Father Frost has turned his eyes to the more sinister adults. It’s said that Father Frost has a soft spot for the Snow Sapphire, because his daughter once wore one around her neck. If you’ve been naughty, you better hope Father Frost will accept your Snow Sapphires and leave your blood unfrozen in your veins!

How to join

  • Stronghold level 4+
  • No registration is required

Event Rule

Winning a battle in in Arena, PvP & Daily Campaigns will grant you Snow Sapphires. Winning with a Battle Boost below or Father Frost will grant you additional Snow Sapphires.

  • Arena, PvP & Daily Campaigns: +5 Snow Sapphires
  • Using Father Frost: +1 Snow Sapphires
  • Ice Boosters: Cold Blood, Shatter, Frost Infusion, Ice Elementals
  • Superior: +2 Snow Sapphires
  • Rare: +3 Snow Sapphires
  • Epic: +4 Snow Sapphires
  • Legendary: +5 Snow Sapphires

Event Prizes

Tier Prize Snow Sapphires
1 500 Ice Primus 120
2 25,000 Gold 240
3 1000 Ice Primus 360
4 50,000 Gold 480
5 Father Frost 600
6 2500 Ice Primus 775
7 100,000 Gold 950
8 5000 Ice Primus 1150
9 Frozen Cache 1400
10 Winterheart Chest 1700
  • Winterheart Chest: Used to upgrade Father Frost from Superior to Rare.

NOTE: If you obtain a second Winterheart chest from the Frozen cache then you may take Father Frost to a max level of Epic

  • The Frozen Cache will be available for 2 days after the event ends.And will have a chance at the Winterheart chest, Ice Boosters, or Ice Primus.

Leaderboard Prizes

There will be no leaderboard for this event.