Event Details

It’s time to continue our journey to open a new chapter in what is meant to be Estarian history; the battle between the corrupted and the purified flames. Is Sulric just looking for a blaze of glory or has he genuinely gone out of his mind? We will find out more this week.

Start: Friday, November 27th, 2015 at 11AM GMT
End: Monday, November 30th, 2015 at 11AM GMT

To Join the Fight

  • Stronghold Level 6+
  • No registration required

Battle Points

You will need to earn this resource through battle and as in previous events, different boosts will provide different quantities of Battle Points.

To make things more interesting, you’ll be able to earn more Battle Points by using Sulric or Anir as your Ancient in battle, allowing you to earn even more prizes!

  • Arena battles and PvP: +5 Battle Points
  • Using Sulric or Anir: +1 Battle Points
  • Fire Boosters: Warmth, Sear, Inner Fire, Flame Wisps and Fire Elementals
  • Superior Boost: +2 Battle Points
  • Rare Boost: +3 Battle Points
  • Epic Boost: +4 Battle Points
  • Legendary Boost: +5 Battle Points

Fiery Chest

This chest contains valuable Fire Boosters of all levels (Superior to Legendary) which will help you throughout the 3-week event, so make sure to stock up so you can make the most out of your battles! This chest does not contain any Elementals.

Sleeping Flame Sigil

Increases the rarity of Sulric or Anir up to a maximum of Epic rarity.

Magma Stone

Increases the rarity of Sulric or Anir from Epic to Legendary

Sleeping flame chest

Did you miss an event? You couldn’t get enough points for the sigil? You want to upgrade Sulric and Anir to Epic rarity?

Grab this chest for the chance on the following items:

All Fire Boosters - superior through legendary - Warmth, Sear, Inner Fire, and Flame Wisps. No Elementals!

1,000 - 5,000 - 10,000 Fire Primus!

Sleeping Flame Sigil

Event Prizes

Reward Lost Soul Points Required
Fiery Chest 600
Fire Primus 1,000 1,000
100k Gold 2,000
Fiery Chest 4,000
Fiery Chest 6,000
Battle Stone x5 8,000
Sleeping Flame Sigil #3 13,000
Fire Primus 5,000 15,000
Fiery Chest 18,000
Fiery Chest 19,000
Fiery Chest 20,000
Fire Primus 10,000 21,000
500k Gold 25,000
Mithril x1 30,000
Battle Stone x10 36,000
Sleeping Flame Sigil #4 45,000

Leaderboard Prizes

Sulric and Anir are offering a statue of a soldier to their most dedicated followers! The Soldier Statue will increase your Physical defense damage!

Bronze 1%

Silver 2%

Gold 3%

Rank Statue Pure Primus Ascension Material
1-1 Gold Soldier Statue 25,000 Sleeping Flame, Magma Stone
2-5 Silver Soldier Statue 25,000 Sleeping Flame, Magma Stone
6 - 75 Bronze Soldier Statue 25,000 Sleeping Flame, Magma Stone
76 - 225 Bronze Soldier Statue 25,000 -

Event FAQ

Q: Does our Kingdom need to register for the Event?
A: No, you do not need to register to the Event with your Kingdom. The first battle you fight in PvP or in The Arena after the event’s start counts towards the event’s points.

Q: My Kingdom is taking part to the Event, but I cannot earn points: why?
A: You need to have a SH level 6 or higher in order to be able to earn points for the event.

Q: Is there a level requirement for my Kingdom to join the Event?
A: No, there is no level requirement for the Kingdom, but you need to have a SH level 6 or higher in order to contribute to the Event with your points.

Q: Will my points be removed from the Kingdom’s total if I leave the Kingdom during the event?
A: No, your points will not be deducted from the total points of your Kingdom if you leave it.

Q: Can I contribute to the Event if I join a Kingdom after they have started collecting points?
A: Yes, you can contribute with your points if you join a Kingdom after they have already started the Event.

Q: I moved to a different Kingdom during the Event: will my points be added to the total of the new Kingdom?
A: No, the points you scored while you were in another Kingdom will not be added to the total points of the new Kingdom if you move Kingdom during the Event.

Q: Will I receive the prizes unlocked by a Kingdom if I move Kingdom during the Event?
A: No, you cannot receive the prizes that were unlocked when you still were not in that Kingdom.

Q: I moved Kingdom, but I haven’t received the prize when they unlocked it while I was in Kingdom: why?
A: You cannot receive the same prize twice. You can claim only one prize per point tier.

Q: I won the Sleeping Flame Sigil, but my Ancient did not ascend to the Epic rarity. Why?
A: The Sleeping Flame Sigil increases the rarity of Sulric or Anir of one step per time. If your Ancient is still at a Superior level, you will need to use more Sigils to complete the evolution.

Q: I won the Magma Stones, but my Ancient didn’t become Legendary. Why?
A: You need to upgrade the rarity of your Ancient to Epic by using Sigil first before being able to ascend your Ancient to the Legendary level.