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Start: Thursday, 10th September 2015 at 11AM GMT
End: Tuesday, 15th September 2015 at 11AM GMT

This personal event introduces a unique currency called Pure Jade Acorns (similar to Frost Fangs during the Winter's Bane event).
Obtain 3 Pure Jade Acorns from each battle won, from either The Arena or regular Multiplayer battles.
Pure Jade Acorns cannot be spent, however they do contribute to a global leaderboard where you'll be able to compete for resources and the very first Statue: the Warden.
The Warden Statue allows all your Watch Towers to deal more damage and increases its health when you place it on a plinth.
Statues will become a rather important part of your strategy as they will provide access to different defensive boosts based on the statue you have placed on your plinth.

Event Requirements

  • Your village must have a Stronghold level 4 or higher to see Pure Jade Acorn currency.
  • Pure Jade Acorns can only be earned from winning The Arena and regular Multiplayer battles.

Obtaining Yagumo

You can purchase a Storm Chest with 500 diamonds which gives you a chance of winning the new Epic Nature Ancient: Yagumo.


  • Winning a battle with Yagumo will grant an additional +3 Pure Jade Acorns!
  • Yagumo will be available for general release in approximately 6 weeks time.
  • After the event, Yagumo will no longer give a boost to Acorns earned.
  • Owning Yagumo during the Force of Nature event will give you an edge to win the event prizes and show off using Yagumo before his general release.

Vial of Fertility Battle Boosts

During the event, Relic Chests, Arena Chests and purchased Storm Chests will contain exclusive Battle Boosts called Vial of Fertility which will provide additional Pure Jade Acorns if you win your attack with the boost selected.

These battle boosts come in different rarities and provide different amounts of bonus Pure Jade Acorns and starting Mana:

  • Superior: +1 Pure Jade Acorn, +5 starting Mana
  • Rare: +3 Pure Jade Acorns, +10 starting Mana
  • Epic: +8 Pure Jade Acorns, +15 starting Mana
  • Legendary: +15 Pure Jade Acorns, +20 starting Mana

Note: The boosts will still be available for use after the event, however the Pure Jade Acorn currency will be void.


The personal leaderboard is based on the total number of Pure Jade Acorns earned over the entire duration of the event.

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Rank Warden Statue Pure Primus Gold
Gold Silver Bronze
1st 1 0 0 20,000 2,000,000
2nd - 3rd 0 1 0 15,000 1,500,000
4th - 6th 0 1 0 10,000 1,000,000
7th - 10th 0 1 0 5,000 500,000
11th - 25th 0 0 1 5,000 300,000
26th - 50th 0 0 1 2,000 200,000
51st - 250th 0 0 1 1,000 100,000
251st - 1,000th 0 0 0 1,000 50,000


Event Screenshots

Colossal Value Pack (price is in US$)


The Storm Chest is available from the Build > Chests menu.


Opening the Storm Chest, Yagumo is inside!


Each Arena and Multiplayer victory will reward you with 3 Pure Jade Acorns.


The Relic Chest reveals the Vial of Fertility Battle Boost (looks similar to a Mana Vial, but green).


The Arena Chest reveals the Vial of Fertility Battle Boost (looks similar to a Mana Vial, but green).


The Leaderboard will reveal your position. Tapping the "?" will show the prizes you can win for finishing in that place.


Tapping the "View Prizes" button will reveal all the possible prizes for each rank.


Winning a Vial of Fertility from a chest.


Selecting the Vial of Fertility from the Battle Boosts screen. Winning with the Epic boost selected will grant +8 bonus Pure Jade Acorns.


The victory screen shows the total amount of Pure Jade Acorns won (3 for the win + 8 for the Vial of Fertility boost).


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