Event Details

Start: Friday, March 11th at 11:00 am GMT

End: Monday, March 14th at 11:00 am GMT

Valora, an assassin so bold she targets Gods with her Shadowkit Daggers.

Unlock Valora’s Legendary Deathless Poison to deal a finishing blow to any opponent!

How to join

  • Minimum stronghold level 8

How to Play

Play Rival Kingdoms and earn Battle Points. The more Battle Points you get, the better the prizes.

Event Values:

*Arena & PvP: +5 Battle Points
*Ancients: Valora, Anir, Sulric, Marionette, Foreveil, Banemaw: +3 Battle Points
*Booster Values: Soul Sacrifice
*Superior: +10 Battle Points
*Rare: +12 Battle Points
*Epic: +14 Battle Points
*Legendary: +16 Battle Points

Event Prizes

Prizes Points Required
10000 Gold 500
500 Death Primus 1000
Malice Chest 1200
1000 Death Primus 1500
Malice Chest 2000
2500 Death Primus 4000
100000 Gold 8000
Valora 29500
30 Mithril Shards 35000
3 x Battle Stones 40500
Shadowkit Dagger 46000
Bronze Statue Chest 48500
Mithril 52500
Shadowkit Dagger 62000

Leaderboard Prizes

Rank Evo Material Statue
1-5 Deathless Poison Gold Statue Chest
6-15 Deathless Poison Silver Statue Chest
16-120 Deathless Poison Bronze Statue Chest
121-320 Bronze Statue Chest