Event Details

Start: Friday, January 15th at 11:00 am GMT

End: Monday, January 18th at 11:00 am GMT

Daji was a kind and thoughtful girl, her beauty, shyness and her background caused her to be targeted mercilessly by the other children.

One day Daji found a sick fox, cured it and named it Fen. Fen protected Daji, but other children set up a trap to kill Fen. Daji tries to protect Fen but both died in vein.

Fen - thousand year-old spirit turn its power and rage into Daji. Daji left her village in ashes and swore that she would find herself a better life than the one she had been born into.

Nine tails, each the colour of flame, arched from her back as she commanded the fire to sweep over the horrified onlookers. Her pain would become theirs.

Later Daji joined the royal harem, later, as the King obsess with Daji, delighting in her viciousness and lust for torture.

When his dynasty fell, Daji endured and sought out new outlets for her sadistic ways. Eventually this led her to Estara.

How to join

  • No Requirement

How to Play

Players will earn Pure Flames for competing in battles using the description below. Based on the amount of

Arena & PvP: +5
Daji: +1
Booster Values:
Fire Boosters: Warmth, Sear, Inner Fire, Flame Wisps, Fire Elementals
Superior: +2
Rare: +3
Epic: +4
Legendary: +5

+Totaliser Prizes

Tier Prize Points Req. Battles Req.
1 80 500 Fire Primus 16
2 160 25,000 Gold 32
3 220 Fiery Chest 44
4 330 2,500 Fire Primus 66
5 450 50,000 Gold 90
6 600 Battle Stone x3 120
7 800 Daji 160
8 900 Fiery Chest 180
9 950 5,000 Pure Primus 190
10 1050 10,000 Fire Primus 210
11 1200 100,000 Gold 240
12 1350 Mithril 270

Leaderboard Prizes

No Leaderboard.