Event Details

Donation Starts: Friday, February 19th at 15:00 GMT
Donation Closes: Saturday, February 20th at 15:00 GMT
Pyre Project Ends: Saturday, February 20th at 15:00 GMT

The format will be the same as the previous Pyre. You will need to donate Gold to your Kingdom’s pyre project to later enjoy the benefits. Gold spent on the Lightning Pyre will count towards the Gold Rush leaderboard.

A temporary Lightning Pyre Kingdom project will be available for gold donations.
During this period, your kingdom members can donate to the project to increase the count and level of Lightning Elementals.
These Lightning Elementals will be available for both offense, and defense during the event.

Lightning Pyre

Leaderboard Prizes

Pyre Level Squad Size Squad Level Defense Squad Size Defense Squad Level
0 - Starts n/a n/a n/a n/a
1 3 2 1 2
2 3 3 1 3
3 3 5 1 5
4 3 7 1 7
5 3 11 2 11