Event Details

Start: Friday, March 4th at 11:00 am GMT

End: Monday, March 7th at 11:00 am GMT

This weekend, search with Jaelleck for Malvos’ Missing Trinket.

Malvos’ Missing Trinket can ascend Jaelleck one step from Superior to Rare or Epic.

How to join

  • No requirements

How to Play

Play Rival Kingdoms and earn Battle Points. The more Battle Points you get, the better the prizes.

Event Values:

*Arena & PvP: +5 Battle Points
*Ancients: Jaelleck: +2 Battle Points
*Booster Values: Lightning/nature Elementals
*Superior: +1 Battle Points
*Rare: +1 Battle Points
*Epic: +3 Battle Points
*Legendary: +4 Battle Points

Event Prizes

Prizes Points Required
500 Lightning Primus 100
25k Gold 200
1k Lightning Primus 300
100k Gold 400
10 x Mithril Shard 500
Jaelleck 600
2.5k Lightning Primus 750
5k Lightning Primus 900
3 x Battle Stone 1050
5k Pure Primus 1200
1 x Mithril 1400
Malvo's Missing Trinket 1700