Event Details

Start: Wednesday, January 20th at 11:00 am GMT

End: Thursday, January 21st at 11:00 am GMT

Be bold, adventurous, intrepid… But most of all, be quick!

This is an individual event, every man for himself, so make sure to grab your share before one of your Rivals does and uses it to strengthen their own defences!

You will only have 24 hours to secure your share, after which The Ruin will overwhelm any remaining Mithril!

How to join

  • Stronghold level 4+
  • No registration is required

How to Play

You will need to earn this resource through battle and as in previous events, using a specific Ancient will slightly boost the amount you obtain.

  • Arena battles and PvP: 6 Battle Points
  • Using Daji: +1 additional Battle Point

IMPORTANT: This time around battle boosters will not provide additional points.

Event Prizes

Prize Points Required
1,000 Pure Primus 50
Rare Boost Chest 100
25,000 Gold 150
5,000 Pure Primus 200
Rare Boost Chest 250
Rare Boost Chest 300
100,000 Gold 325
Mithril 350