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MVP Winners


MVP Leaderboard

Let’s take a look at the winners as of Monday, October 19 @ 11:00 GMT.

Prizes will be rewarded over the next 48 hours.

Top 5 Kings:

Rank Player Name Kingdom Souls Collected
1 Hiro THE SMASHERS 12000
2 LơɱєɖῖƖ Dragon Slayers 4774
3 Spoonz MEGA 4384
4 αяєѕ HOPLITE 3967
5 Tyrus Little Red Dot 3320

Top 5 Lords:

Rank Player Name Kingdom Souls Collected
1 Paul Neto THE SMASHERS 6045
2 мєяιк HOPLITE 5083
3 ʝçαяℓσѕ Dragon Slayers 4124
4 ๒lคςк ฬเ๔0ฬ HOPLITE 4033
5 Nanda Intouchables 3458

Top 5 Sentinels:

Rank Player Name Kingdom Souls Collected
1 Draconus Dragon Slayers 7116
2 Uselessfq Dragon Slayers 5218
3 Antas Dragon Slayers 5026
4 Mistress THE SMASHERS 4753
5 ѕнιкαкυ HOPLITE 4638

Top 5 Raiders:

Rank Player Name Kingdom Souls Collected
1 terry27 HOPLITE 5515
2 CricriDamour HOPLITE 5136
3 тåмму THE SMASHERS 5033
4 ѠĪИSƬŔΘĿ Dragon Slayers 3320

Top 10 Squires:

Rank Player Name Kingdom Souls Collected
1 echotracer HOPLITE 6237
2 Snk MEGA 6020
3 Shogun Little Red Dot 3794
4 Ƥєттαηкσ SG Virtuoso 3048
5 яɛʏиαяd ℓɛɛ HOPLITE 2882

Top 5 Commoners:

Rank Player Name Kingdom Souls Collected
1 Booger HOPLITE 7693
2 Azure THE SMASHERS 7490
3 Hugo TheKing THE SMASHERS 6559
4 Wizzy MEGA 6155
5 Atko THE SMASHERS 5079

Event Details

Do you consider yourself THE Most Valuable Player in your Kingdom? This is your chance to prove it and become part of the Rival Kingdoms’ dream team!

In parallel with the Malice Kingdom event leaderboard, we are running a separate contest, aimed at the community as a whole in an effort to bring even more excitement for lower levels and the chance to get awesome prizes and bragging rights!

Start: Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 11AM GMT
End: Monday, October 19th, 2015 at 11AM GMT

For this event any player who is SH 4+ can join and earn some awesome prizes and the brand new Death Ancient, Malice!

To Join the Fight

  • No registration is required
  • Must be Stronghold level 4+
  • Be in one of the following roles:


You will earn your place on the MVP leaderboards with your Lost Souls score from the Malice Kingdom event, keep in mind that we will only count your score while being in one of the roles above.


A place in the Rival Kingdoms’ dream team

There will be 5 winners for each role: King, Lord, Sentinel, Squire, Raider and Commoner, but only those in the first place will be part of Rival Kingdoms’ Dream Team photo!

Kingdom Leaderboard Prizes

Rank Pure Primus Gold
*1 20,000 2,000,000
2 15,000 1,500,000
3 10,000 1,000,000
4 5,000 500,000
5 5,000 300,000
  • In addition, every Kingdom who has a player in the first place, will receive 100,000 Gold per member.

- This is not cumulative, if a Kingdom has more than 1 player in first place, they’d still only receive 100,000 Gold per member.
- In the event of a tie, we will only credit the 100,000 per member to the 1 Kingdom (the Kingdom with the member who achieved the score first)
- You may switch Kingdom roles, but your score will only count for the points you made while in that role
- You may switch Kingdoms, it’s only your Kingdom role that will count for this event

PLEASE NOTE: We aim to keep our game a fun and friendly place for all of our players and as stated in our terms and conditions, Space Ape Games reserve the right to change events and remove prizes from any players who we find to have unfairly gained an advantage in Rival Kingdoms. Please refrain from exploiting any methods that might provide an unfair advantage or your prize for the Event may be revoked at Space Ape's discretion.

If you would like to know more please visit our terms and conditions: