Event Details

Start: Friday, January 22nd at 11:00 am GMT

End: Monday, January 25th at 11:00 am GMT

Statues… Statues….and even more Statues! In a Bonanza filled week this weekend’s event is sure to appeal to those out there trying to collect statues to upgrade to a new tier.

Four chances at statues are up for grabs this event so you surely won’t want to miss out!

This event will be a Kingdom event and will feature no leaderboard.

How to join

  • Stronghold level 6+
  • No registration is required

How to Play

Play Rival Kingdoms and earn Battle Points. The more Battle Points you get, the better the prizes.

  • Arena & PvP: +5 Battle Points
  • Booster Values: Soldier, Warden, Paladin, Mauler, Death Knights, Mana Hunter, Raiders, Primus Mage and Rally Flag
  • Superior: +2 Battle Points
  • Rare: +3 Battle Points
  • Epic: +4 Battle Points

Event Prizes

Prizes Points Required
50,000 Gold 4,000
2,500 Pure Primus 9,000
Bronze Statue Chest 16,000
5,000 Pure Primus 19,000
Bronze Statue Chest 22,000
Battle Stone x3 26,000
Mithril 32,000
Battle Stone x5 34,000
Bronze Statue Chest 37,500
10,000 Pure Primus 42,500
Silver Statue Chest 50,000

IMPORTANT: These exclusive chests ONLY contain statues! The possible contents are:

  • Birna - Gives defences a health boost!
  • Malice- Gives defences a chance of cursing targets to raise as an Undead Warrior!
  • Sulric - Gives Spell Towers an increase in their defence damage!
  • Soldier - Increases your physical defense damage!
  • Warden - Allows the Watchtower to deal more damage and increases its health!

Please remember that statues of the first tier will start at zero experience and only duplicates grant you experience.

You can read more about Statues by clicking here