Event Details

Start: Friday, December 11th at 11:00 am GMT

End: Monday, December 14th at 11:00 am GMT

In this Individual event placing on the leaderboard will grant you access to a special chest: The Statue Chest. This rare and mysterious container will provide another chance to win a Statue, including Sulric’s and Malice’s or the brand new Birna statue!

Event Rules

  • Stronghold level 4+
  • No registration is required


Earn more Battle Points by using the boosters below.

  • Arena battles and PvP: +10 Battle points
  • Using Moloch: +3 Battle points
  • Death Boosters: Death Knights
  • Superior: +1 Battle points
  • Rare: +2 Battle points
  • Epic: +3 Battle points

Event Prizes

Tier Prize Points
1 1000 Pure Primus 70
2 10,000 Gold 200
3 Death Chest 430
4 5000 Pure Primus 570
5 25,000 Gold 770
6 5000 Pure Primus 1000
7 Death Chest 1250
8 50,000 Gold 1400
9 10,000 Pure Primus 1800
10 Mithril 2250

Leaderboard Prizes

Having a place on the leaderboard will be your ticket to a chance at one of the statues! The statues in each of these chests match their rarity, therefore a Gold Statue Chest will provide a Gold Statue, so making sure you place on the top is vital to obtain the best possible statue!

IMPORTANT: This exclusive chest ONLY contains statues! Missed out on a previous one? Want to level up your current statues? We’ve got you covered! The possible contents are:

  • Birna - Gives defences a health boost! NEW!
  • Malice - Gives defences a chance of cursing targets to raise as an Undead Warrior!
  • Sulric - Gives Spell Towers an increase in their defence damage!
  • Soldier - Increases your physical defense damage!
  • Warden - Allows the Watchtower to deal more damage and increases its health!

Don’t forget! - A statue’s effects are only granted when placed on a plinth.

Rank Statue Pure Primus Gold
1-10 Gold Statue Chest 10,000 2,000,000
11-100 Silver Statue Chest 10,000 1,250,000
101-900 Bronze Statue Chest 5,000 600,000
901-1400 no statue reward 5000 200,000