Event Details

Start: Friday, February 12th at 11:00 am GMT

End: Monday, February 15th at 11:00 am GMT

Rumors say the Emperor has been growing a single peach for decades! Tended by royal gardeners and protected by royal guard; this peach is rumored to grow once every 1,000 years and bestow great strength to whoever consumes it! Use the Life Peach to ascend Wukong one step toward either Rare or Epic rarity!

How to join

  • No requirements

How to Play

Play Rival Kingdoms and earn Battle Points. The more Battle Points you get, the better the prizes.

Event Values:

*Arena & PvP: +5 Battle Points
*Ancients: Wukong: +5 Battle Points
*Booster Values: Red Envelopes
*Superior: +2 Battle Points
*Rare: +3 Battle Points
*Epic: +4 Battle Points
*Legendary: +5 Battle Points

Event Prizes

Prizes Points Required
Chest of Fortune 50
1000 Ice Primus 100
50,000 Gold 200
2500 Ice Primus 250
Bronze Statue Chest 650
100000 Gold 750
10000 Ice Primus 900
1 Mithril 1100
10000 Pure Primus 1175
200000 Gold 1300
Life Peach 1475

Leaderboard Prizes

Rank Statue Mithril
1-10 Gold Statue Chest 1 x Mithril
11-100 Silver Statue Chest 1 x Mithril
101-900 Bronze Statue Chest 1 x Mithril
901-1400 Bronze Statue Chest