Those kingdoms which have proven their might in battle in the Tussle in the Scuffle event may continue on to achieve even greater glory in the Tussle in the Scuffle Leaderboard! This Survival style leaderboard event will require you to have earned a Symbol of the Astral Memento to participate.

In this Survival Mode leaderboard, each battle in a streak of victories will award an increasing number of battle points. Compete in the leaderboard by achieving large streaks for massive points!

Event Schedule

This event will run from Sunday, April 23rd at 12:00 pm UTC to Monday, April 24th at 11:00 am UTC after the conclusion of the Tussle in the Scuffle event. For more information on the kingdom totaliser event check out Tussle in the Scuffle.

Event Requirements

Possess a Symbol of the Astral Memento from the Tussle in the Scuffle event.

Event Style

Kingdom Survival Leaderboard

How to Play

For the complete rules check out the Survival Mode Wiki.

Event Prizes

Rank Coloured Kingdom Name Erasmus Mythic Ascension Elmus Mythic Ascension Brawler's Statue Chest Lupita's Memento
1 Red (26 Days) Djinn’s Stinger Lost Wisp Obsidian Rare
2 - 5 Djinn’s Stinger Lost Wisp Gold Rare
6 - 20 Djinn’s Stinger Lost Wisp Silver Superior
21 - 50 Lost Wisp Silver Superior
51 - 100 Lost Wisp Bronze Common