Event Details

Start: Saturday, January 2nd at 11:00 am GMT

End: Tuesday, January 5th at 11:00 am GMT

For ages Birna and Foreveil were despondent, fearful that they were destined to roam the realms eternally unhappy.

But every battle reinvigorates Birna’s fighting spirit. She’s now resolved to become powerful enough to undo the curse rather than sitting around waiting for it to fade.

A traveling witch doctor named Hakkon once told Birna that her true strength wasn’t derived from her arms and legs, but from her open heart; knowing that she’s closed her heart with the loss of her previous life. Birna started to seek out a memento long lost, from Hakkon, to reinvigorate her feelings. A snow globe Hakkon gifted a child warrior, which she affectionately named: Snowstorm!

How to join

  • Stronghold level 6+
  • No registration is required

Event Rules

Winning a battle in in Arena, PvP will grant you Frost Fangs. Winning with a Battle Boost below or with Birna, Banemaw or Foreveil will grant you additional Frost Fangs.

  • Arena, PvP: +5 Frost Fangs
  • Birna, Banemaw, Foreveil: +3 Frost Fangs
  • Booster Values:
    • Ice Boosters: Cold Blood, Shatter, Frost Infusion, Bloodthirst, Ice Elementals
    • Superior: +2 Frost Fangs
    • Rare: +3 Frost Fangs
    • Epic: +4 Frost Fangs
    • Legendary: +5 Frost Fangs

Please note that you do NOT earn Frost Fangs from Daily Campaigns

Event Prizes

Tier Prize Frost Fangs
1 1,000 Ice Primus 500
2 50,000 Gold 1000
3 5,000 Ice Primus 2000
4 100,000 Gold 4000
5 10,000 Ice Primus 7000
6 x3 Battle Stones 13000
7 Bronze Statue Chest 22000
8 White Eagle Kris Chest 25400
9 20,000 Ice Primus 28800
10 100,000 Gold 32200
11 x5 Battle Stones 35600
12 Mithril 39000

Leaderboard Prizes

The first 120 Kingdoms on the leaderboard will obtain Birna’s Ascension Material: Snowstorm. This amazing snow globe will allow Birna to become Legendary for an axe wielding winter massacre.

Rank Ascension Material Statue
1 - 5 Snowstorm Gold Statue Chest
6 - 15 Snowstorm Silver Statue Chest
16 - 120 Snowstorm Bronze Statue Chest
121 - 320 - Bronze Statue Chest

Event FAQ

Q: Does our Kingdom need to register for the Event?
A: No, you do not need to register to the Event with your Kingdom. The first battle you fight in PvP or in The Arena after the event’s start counts towards the event’s points.

Q: My Kingdom is taking part to the Event, but I cannot earn points: why?
A: You need to have a SH level 6 or higher in order to be able to earn points for the event.

Q: Is there a level requirement for my Kingdom to join the Event?
A: No, there is no level requirement for the Kingdom, but you need to have a SH level 6 or higher in order to contribute to the Event with your points.

Q: Will my points be removed from the Kingdom’s total if I leave the Kingdom during the event?
A: No, your points will not be deducted from the total points of your Kingdom if you leave it.

Q: Can I contribute to the Event if I join a Kingdom after they have started collecting points?
A: Yes, you can contribute with your points if you join a Kingdom after they have already started the Event.

Q: I moved to a different Kingdom during the Event: will my points be added to the total of the new Kingdom?
A: No, the points you scored while you were in another Kingdom will not be added to the total points of the new Kingdom if you move Kingdom during the Event.

Q: Will I receive the prizes unlocked by a Kingdom if I move Kingdom during the Event?
A: No, you cannot receive the prizes that were unlocked when you still were not in that Kingdom.

Q: I moved Kingdom, but I haven’t received the prize when they unlocked it while I was in Kingdom: why?
A: You cannot receive the same prize twice. You can claim only one prize per point tier.