This page contains information on a feature which is no longer active in Rival Kingdoms, and this page is intended for historical reference only.


The Relic Wars offer a chance for your Kingdom to become guardians of six rare and exciting Relics to be found throughout Estara:

Event Details

Start: Monday, April 25th at 14:00 pm UTC

How to join

  • Any Kingdom with more than 5 members, navigate to the Relic Menu through the Relics button in your Home Menu or the Relics Button in your Kingdom.
  • Choose from six different Relics to Rally for:

- Aegis' Tower Shield, Mindflayer’s Wand, Staff of the Wanderer, Kwan’s Tome, Moloch’s Necronomicon, and Anir’s Lexicon,
- Have a King or Lord enroll your Kingdom to Rally for the Relic.

  • Bid Gold or Rings depending on your choice of Relic from the Relic Kingdom Project!

- Anir’s Lexicon, Kwan’s Tome, Moloch’s Necronomicon, Staff of the Wanderer, Mindflayer’s Wand, : Bid Gold
- Aegis' Tower Shield: Bid Rings

  • Be one of the top 6 Kingdoms to Rally and compete in Relic League!

- If you’re not one of the top 6 Kingdoms, your Gold or Rings will be returned. The winning Kingdoms Gold and Rings will not be returned.

How to Play

  • In Relic Wars, each Ancient can only be used once per Battle, whether you win or lose!
  • Use your Ancients wisely and earn points in Relic League by defeating enemy Kingdom members!
  • Winning Relic league will earn you the right to hold the Relic throughout the next Relic League (7 Days.)
  • At the end of the Relic League each Kingdom will earn a percentage (3-12%) of the Rings or Gold rallied by all participants. The higher your rank, the more currency you will earn.

- If a Kingdom successfully wins and defends a relic two weeks in row, they will win currency without having to Rally any further.


  • Winners will be shown as the Relics owners for 7 Days.
  • You will be able to place the Relic in your base, showing off your victory!
  • The better your rank, the more Rings or Gold from the Rally phase will be rewarded to you, between 3-12%.
  • Successfully holding a Relic consecutively will increase your Relic Streak which is displayed prominently in the Relic Menu.
  • The winner of the Relic will be auto-enrolled in the next Relic League to defend their Relic from theft!


Shield1 - Aegis Tower Shield

  • Bid Currency: Rings
  • Low Bid: 50
  • High Bid: 250
  • Start Date: 25/04/2016 14:00 UTC

Sceptre 1: Mindflayers Wand

  • Bid Currency: Gold
  • Low Bid: 100,000
  • High Bid: 500,000
  • Start Date: 25/04/2016 14:00 UTC

Sceptre 2: Staff of The Wanderer

  • Bid Currency: Gold
  • Low Bid: 100,000
  • High Bid: 500,000
  • Start Date: 25/04/2016 14:00 UTC

Book1 - Kwan’s Tome

  • Bid Currency: Gold
  • Low Bid: 50,000
  • High Bid: 250,000
  • Start Date: 25/04/2016 14:00 UTC

Book 4: Moloch’s Necronomicon

  • Bid Currency: Gold
  • Low Bid: 50,000
  • High Bid: 250,000
  • Start Date: 25/04/2016 14:00 UTC

Book 5: Anir’s Lexicon

  • Bid Currency: Gold
  • Low Bid: 50,000
  • High Bid: 250,000
  • Start Date: 25/04/2016 14:00 UTC

Rally phase

Your Kingdom will need to bid either gold or rings (depending on what Relic you are going for) over a 24 hour period before the Relic War begins. If your Kingdom is unsuccessful in the bidding phase, all individual gold or rings donated will be returned to those who donated. Refunded currency will be put into your inventory.

All participating kingdoms will receive a percentage of the pot of donated gold or rings returned at the end of final War depending on their final position. If a kingdom wins a Relic war, and therefore skips the donation phase of the next war, they will still share a percentage of the contribution of the other 5 kingdoms (Refunded currency will be put into your inventory):

Final Position Percentage donation returned
1st 12%
2nd 10%
3rd 5%
4th 3%
5th 3%
6th 3%

War Phase

The top six Kingdoms bidding for each Relic enter Relic Wars a series of five battles with the other kingdoms over five days. Each War lasts for 23.5 hours, with a 30 minute cooldown. At the end of the five days, the winner takes a relic, and there is a 24 hour post war phase. After this the winning Kingdom will be automatically entered into the next War phase to defend their right to hold the relic.


Relic Buffs

Relic Type Relics Buff
Books Kwan’s Tome, Moloch’s Necronomicon, Anir’s Lexicon -5% Damage from Spell Towers
Sceptres Mindflayer’s Wand, Staff of the Wanderer +5% Increased Troop Damage, -5% Damage from Spell Towers
Shield Aegis Tower Shield +5% Increased Health to Troops, +5% Increased Troop Damage, -5% Damage from Spell Towers


How are Rings/Gold divided in participating Kingdoms at the end of a Relic War?

Rings/Gold will distributed evenly between all participating members (who were in the Relic War from start to finish).

Will refunded gold go into the inventory?

Yes it will

My Kingdom has hit 2 billion gold and we can't donate any more?

The first Kingdom to reach the cap of 2 billion will take the Relic Wars spot followed by the next Kingdom, then the next etc.

What effects do the the relics have?

These items provide awesome effects in battles and bragging rights, as well as some cool buffs in battle.

Can we do Kingdom Leagues and Relic Wars at the same time?

Yes, you can compete in both Kingdom Leagues and Relic Wars, as well as Arena and regular PvP matches at the same time.

Do Relic War victories count toward total Kingdom Raids won?

Yes they will.

If I spend diamonds to skip the cooldown on donations and my kingdom is not successful in the bidding phase, do I get my diamonds back?

Diamonds will not be returned for a bidding attempt.

Do I have to be a member of the Kingdom from the time the Relic War commences in order to receive the relic if the respective kingdom won it?

No, you can join a kingdom that’s currently battling for a relic, even if you are not involved, and you will get it if they win. But if you leave a Kingdom while it holds a relic, you will lose the relic.

If I leave a Kingdom during the bidding process and then return, can I still get refund for failed bidding?

Yes, you do get refunds for failed bidding, the donated funds are tied to the individual player until you successfully bid and enter a war, at which point they are considered the kingdoms donation and you get back whatever your kingdom earns in the war