Force Touch - Holding your finger down on the watch will pop a “refresh” button up.

Getting the app on your watch

Open the Watch App on the iPhone and make sure your Watch is paired with the device. Scroll to the bottom of the "My Watch" page and it should list Rival Kingdoms. Tap on Rival Kingdoms, if it's not already enabled, enable it. That should install Rival Kingdoms onto the watch. It'll take a little time but once it's on the watch, boot the game on your phone and they should sync up. « This is only required if the watch doesn’t automatically install RK.

This screen appears if the player has not yet loaded RK on their iPhone first. If this screen still appears after loading the game, 'force touch' the watch and this should sync the village to the watch.


Shield Screen

This screen displays your village name, village avatar and if you have an active shield or not in the game.
This is what you will see when your shield has run out.


This screen displays when your village has been attacked and a shield has been triggered. This screen will actively tick down and will change to the above screen when the shield runs out.


Gold Screen

This screen displays your in-game total smelting progress in the middle, and gold storage in the top right corner. The current harvestable amount will rotate from a numerical value to a % and back again.
The blue diamond will gradually fill up, giving a more obvious visual display. After harvesting in-game, this screen will update to reflect the change.


Battle Stone Screen

This screen displays the current Battle Stones the player has in-game. It does display past the 5 cap, e.g: 35/5.
If the player falls below 5 stones, a counter till the next Battle Stone will replace the "FULL" text.


Crafting Screen

This area of the watch app allows the player to craft Battle Stones and Mana Vials.
When a craft is in progress a spinning egg timer will display on the craft which has finished. When a craft has finished a collect icon will display on the craft which is ready to collect.
You do not have to be in-game to collect a craft, the app has a cap of 5 before the player is required to login to collect crafted items.


Battle Stone crafting screen. Tapping craft will begin the craft of the Battle Stone.


Battle Stone crafting in progress. The time shown here is a placeholder, these are not the live times. The live times are 2 hours per item.
The blue diamond will fill up in the background.


Battle Stone craft complete, collect screen.


Mana Vial boost crafting screen.
The blue diamond will fill up in the background


Mana Vial boost craft in progress. The time shown here is a placeholder, these are not the live times. The live times are 2 hours per item.


Mana vial craft complete, collect screen.


This screen will display if the player attempts to craft after collecting 5 crafted items. They will need to login to the game, claim the items which will then reset the watch app crafting counter.



  • It costs nothing to craft.
  • At any point values may go out of sync. e.g - total gold in-game due to being attacked. This will re-sync within 5 minutes, when the game is next opened or by using 'force touch' on the watch face you want to refresh.
  • After you login to the game, your crafted Battle Stones and Mana Vials will arrive as gifts.