Base Layout Tips

  • Keep your longest ranged defensive buildings closer to the core of your base (Catapults, Arrow Launchers).
  • Catapults and Arrow Launchers have a blind spot close to the center, make sure you surround them with other buildings or walls to help keep troops away.
  • Try not to keep all your Spell Towers too close together, they can be rendered useless by Ancient debuff spells, or totally destroyed with Jal's 3rd spell.
  • Place your longest range and splash damage defenses next to Primus Conduits to maximise their effectiveness.
  • Use multiple layered walls to increase your chances at making troops walk around to reach walled buildings.
  • Avoid placing Troop Portals on the outside of your design, easy mana will allow the attacker to cast more spells.
  • Don't put all your Troop Portals in the one area, evenly spread them around your base.
  • Try to cover every building with a defense to help prevent Dragons from sniping and building up sweep charges.
  • Gold Storage is useless during Kingdom Wars, it's best to move them further out of your core in favor of more defenses.
  • Builder's Huts aren't completely useless, they can be used to distract troops.
  • Move upgrading defenses out of your core.
  • Keep some anti-air defenses near your Stronghold to help prevent Dragon sniping.
  • Avoid using all the same type of Spell Tower elements, some Ancients spells will totally negate the effects (eg, Foreveil against Flash Freeze Spell Towers).
  • Build less Gold Smelters, this will mean less buildings to protect. You'll be able to design a stronger layout without them.

Stronghold Level 1

Stronghold Level 4