Want to know where to find something in game?
Wondering which screen something is on?
Want to know what an icon means?

You've come to the right place. Here you will find brief descriptions of different screens, icons, and functionality as well as an initial video game walkthrough from our buddy Sawcasm.

Home Screen


1) This is your in game name, avatar, and kingdom you belong to. You are given a name when you enter the game, but are granted a one time opportunity to change your name.
-To change your Name, click on your avatar and select the "Change Name" buttons on the "Settings" Screen.
-To change your Avatar, simply click on your current avatar and a list of available avatars will pop up.
-To change your Kingdom, sorry you'll need to actually join or create another Kingdom.
2) Current number of Battle Stones you have available to use.
3) This tells you how much Honor you currently have from beating other players in battle.
4) This is your 'Shield". After being attacked you will obtain a shield for a period of time in order to rebuild without being attacked. The time shown is how much time you have before your village is no longer shielded.
5) This tab opens to display our chat options. There are multiple different ways to chat with people in Rival Kingdoms that include, Global Chat, Kingdom Chat, Personal Tournament Chat, and private chat with members of your Kingdom.
6) Current amount of gold you have to spend and how much you may currently store. You can also purchase gold by clicking on the "Get More" button that appears when you click on the icon.
7) Current number of loyalty points you have to spend.
8) Current number of rings you have to spend.
9) Current number of diamonds you have to spend. You can also purchase diamonds by clicking on the "Get More" button that appears when you click on the icon.
10) This brings up the Build Menu Screen.
11) This takes you to Edit Mode to arrange your village.
12) This takes you to the World map where you can battle other villages, take part in an epic quest, challenge others in a personal tournament, visit your kingdom or take part in a Kingdom Raid.
13) This takes you to the "Menu Screen" where you can view/access many of the games features such as Ancients, your Inventory, Settings, Contact Us (Support), Redeem a game code, review your Battle History, Access Daily Rewards and Guardian Mode.
14) Takes you to the honor leaderboard.
15) Takes you to your Kingdom.
16) This is a snapshot of your active quests. Click here to view your available quests, completed quests, and game center achievements.

Battle Screen


1) The Name and Kingdom of the Player that you will battle.
2) Available Gold to be plundered from this Village.
3) The Honor that can either be won (first number) or lost (second number).
4) The amount of Mana that you currently have and the associated magic spells of your chosen Ancient
5) Use this button to change the Ancient you will take into battle with you. You can also click on the Ancients on the next screen to view their spells.
6) You may need a bit of help in battle. Use this button to use battle boosts won from treasure chests or to purchase additional boosts.
7) Strategy is everything in battle. Choose your troops wisely using this button. Additional troops can be donated by your Kingdom members, added using battle boosts, or won through quests.

Build Screen

On the build screen you can purchase different items to help both your village and your battle abilities.

* Attack: Contains all the offensive buildings that you can build to aid in your attacks.
* Defense: Contains all the defensive buildings that you can build to help defend your village.
* Treasure: Purchase Gold and Battle Stones with Diamonds.
* Production: Contains all the buildings that produce gold, rings and builders.
* Chests: Purchase Chests to gain more ancients, Battle Boosts, Primus and resources.
* Diamonds: Purchase Diamond packs to help speed up build times, buy resources or to buy Battle Stones.

Edit Mode


1) Allows you to view the radius of all of your defenses.
2) Allows you to move multiple buildings at once.
3) The grid lets you know where you can place buildings within your map. A green overlay means you can place a building there. A red overlay means a building cannot go in that spot.
4) This button will allow you to revert your village to the way it was before you began editing.
5) This button will allow you to save your new configuration.

Menu Screen


From the menu screen you can access:


List all the available Ancients.



Where extra items are stored until you're ready to use them.
For example, if you earn a reward of Gold, but do not have a large enough storage, you can store this in your inventory
to use at a later time when either your storage has increased or you've used a bit of your reserves.



Turn music and sound effects on or off, change your name, connect to Facebook, turn notifications on or off, set your language!

Contact Us

In every Commanders life, there comes a time when they need additional support.
Visit here to send us a quick note, check out our frequent asked questions, or just let us know how we're doing and what you would like to see!



List all the available, timed, and completed quests. Here you can earn additional Gold, Rings and Diamonds etc.


Daily Rewards

Check here to see what daily reward is in store for you tomorrow.
Keep coming back as the rewards change every 28 days and get larger the more days in a row you check-in.


Battle History

A history of your wins and losses on both Attack and Defense.
Review your battles to find your villages weaknesses.


The Arena

The Arena exists alongside regular Multiplayer battles and allows you to scout up to three opponents before attacking. Harder opponents are higher on the leaderboard, thus worth more honor for a win, and less for a loss.
Arena Battles do not reward Gold or Rings. Instead, they break the multiplayer 5,000 Honor limitation and every victory rewards the prestigious Arena Chest.