Greetings Rivals.

In the coming months a new Mythic rarity of the Abhorrence's Rage Astral Gear will be available for crafting, and the recipe for crafting can be found in-game now.

To craft Mythic Abhorrence's Rage you will need to have a level 4 Astronomy Tower and must earn 6 Astral Oddities which are rewarded from a series of quests which will require you to craft

  • Mythic Rahvenna's Destiny
  • Mythic Elder's Emblem (Fire)
  • Mythic Elder's Emblem (Ice)
  • Mythic Elder's Emblem (Nature)
  • Mythic Elder's Emblem (Lightning)
  • Mythic Elder's Emblem (Death)

Many of these Astral Gear will be released over the course of the upcoming event sagas.

These recipes will require Abhorrence's Rage Tokens which you may remember can be earned by winning battles using Elder Mage Ancients. To help you achieve your goals a little bit faster, we've increased the amount of Abhorrence's Rage Tokens earned from victories on the battlefield from 4 to 8.

During the upcoming sagas Kingdom Leaderboard Events you'll also have the opportunity to earn up to 1600 Abhorrence's Rage Tokens based on your kingdom's placement on the leaderboard. These bonus prizes will only be available during the following events:

Learn more about Mythic Abhorrence's Rage here.