Greetings Rivals.

A few weeks ago we shared a preview of some upcoming event changes which are going into effect in early February. We're excited about these changes and the flexibility they will introduce to the game, but we received some feedback that there were some areas where these changes weren't improving the event experience.

Astral Gear Crafting Times

With the previously announced changes we heard concerns that even after earning all the necessary ingredients, crafting your way up from Common Astral Gear to Mythic would take too long.

We agree, and we want you to be able to hit the battlefield running with your fresh new gear! To this end we've condensed the crafting process down so that each rarity of a given piece of Astral Gear released after Relic Wars returns will only need to be crafted once.

Astral Gear Crafting Ingredients

Some players voiced concerns that these new Astral Gear crafting recipes would require Rings, Crystals, and Runes that previously weren't necessary if you were participating in events and winning high quality Astral Gear directly.

After some consideration and our review of crafting times we're going to be introducing a new crafting material: the Astral Supply Box. These supply boxes can be crafted at any time from the Astralite section of your Astronomy Tower, and can also be won in Kingdom Leaderboard Events. The Supply Box will only be used for the highest rarities of Astral Gear so that you're able to try out Astral Gear before committing your precious Astral Supply Boxes.

Here's a preview of what you can expect crafting newly released Astral Gear will look like.

Recipe Ingredients
HoodsHandywork_small_1.png Common Astral Gear 50 Relic Energy
13 Astralite
HoodsHandywork_small_2.png Superior Astral Gear 210 Relic Energy
39 Astralite
1 Common Astral Gear
HoodsHandywork_small_3.png Rare Astral Gear 700 Relic Energy
117 Astralite
1 Superior Astral Gear
HoodsHandywork_small_4.png Epic Astral Gear 2180 Relic Energy
1 Astral Supply Box
1 Rare Astral Gear
HoodsHandywork_small_5.png Legendary Astral Gear 6600 Relic Energy
7 Astral Supply Boxes
1 Epic Astral Gear
HoodsHandywork_small_6.png Mythic Astral Gear 10,200 Relic Energy
12 Astral Supply Boxes
1 Legendary Astral Gear
AstralSupply.png Astral Supply Box 150 Astralite
725 Rings
125 Crystals
70 Runes

For a closer look at earning Astral Supply Boxes, check out our Kingdom Leaderboard Event preview.

The Return of Relic Wars

We're excited to announce that Relic Wars will be returning on Monday, February 28th 2022.

Legends across the land speak of the incredible power held within these Relics, but after thousands of years the power held within the Relics has seeped out into Estara in the form of raw Relic Energy. This means that the Relics themselves serve only as trophies for the victors of their wars.

Relic Wars will take on a familiar format with a few key changes.

  • All members in the first place kingdom in each War will receive a decorative Relic to adorn their village and show off their accomplishment
  • All kingdoms that participate in Relic Wars will receive Relic Energy based on their final ranking within the War
  • Relic Wars will be a monthly recurring event taking place after the conclusion of the kingdom leaderboard event

Check out the Relic Wars page Relic Wars page for more information.

Updated Event Schedule

There's a lot to look forward to in Estara and we wanted to give everyone a glimpse into what's in store, so we've reintroduced the Upcoming Events Schedule over on the Events Section. This section will be updated over time with details about the upcoming sagas, so be sure to check back periodically to stay up to date on what's next in Rival Kingdoms.