Greetings Rivals.

We're excited to give you a sneak preview of some upcoming changes to weekly events and how you earn the latest and greatest rewards in Estara.


Beginning in February after the conclusion of the Kinak's Crossbow Saga events are going to look a little bit different. As you progress through a ladder or leaderboard you'll begin earning a new resource known as Relic Energy.

Coveted for its magical properties, the Alchemists and Astronomers of Estara will be eager to get their hands on this resource. Newly released Ancients, Ascension Materials and Astral Gear will require Relic Energy in order to craft, and once released will be available for crafting permanently. Relic Energy is available from weekend events, Arena Seasons, and Relic Wars.


With these changes events will be more flexible than ever before. You'll be able to earn battle points with any Ancient of your choosing, as well as any Legendary or Mythic rarity Astral Gear. Not only that, but you will be able to earn bonus Battle Points by using a huge variety of Battle Boosts in all events!

We've prepared a preview of what a Kingdom Leaderboard Event might look like after these changes are implemented, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback on these changes.

New Crafting

Relic Energy will offer new opportunities to craft the rewards that you want at your own pace. If you miss out on participating in an event you can always try again next week and are able to use your Relic Energy to craft your awesome new Ancient or Astral Gear when ever you're ready.

Here's a preview of what crafting will look like for the first new Ancient and his Astral Gear in February.

Recipe Ingredients
Bryan-small.png Ancient 480 Relic Energy
ArtisansCrossbows_transparent.png Epic Ascension Materials 2050 Relic Energy
RenegadesRecompense1_transparent.png Legendary Ascension Material 3050 Relic Energy
RazeAndReap_transparent.png Mythic Ascension Material 10250 Relic Energy
HoodsHandywork_small_1.png Common Astral Gear 50 Relic Energy
13 Astralite
60 Rings
2 Crystals
HoodsHandywork_small_2.png Superior Astral Gear 60 Relic Energy
3 Common Astral Gear
15 Crystals
10 Runes
HoodsHandywork_small_3.png Rare Astral Gear 70 Relic Energy
3 Superior Astral Gear
20 Crystals
15 Runes
HoodsHandywork_small_4.png Epic Astral Gear 80 Relic Energy
3 Rare Astral Gear
30 Crystals
25 Runes
HoodsHandywork_small_5.png Legendary Astral Gear 103 Relic Energy
3 Epic Astral Gear
HoodsHandywork_small_6.png Mythic Astral Gear 3 Legendary Astral Gear

Other Crafting Changes

We've heard your feedback and we agree that it's time to make Ancient Tokens permanently available. Once the above changes are rolled out in early February you'll find that any time you earn a duplicate Ancient you'll be eligible to convert that Ancient into it's corresponding Ancient Tokens instead of Primus, making it easier than ever to earn Ascension Materials for your favorite Ancients.