Greetings Rivals.

Beginning with the February 2nd, 2024 Mithril event we'll be freshening up some of the existing event formats and prizes.

There are too many changes to list each individually, but we'll try to summarize the most important highlights in this update.

Event Format and Cadence Changes

  • Individual Events other than Mithril Events will now include a leaderboard
  • There will be 1 Survival Event per month, alternating between Individual and Kingdom Survival
  • Battle Point contributions have been simplified for most event formats with fewer different ways to increase Battle Points, but more baseline Battle Points available

Prize Changes

  • Most event prizes have been increased
  • Gryphon Primus has been replaced with Pure Primus, and we will look to add alternative ways to level up your gryphons in the future
  • Alandra Statues have returned to Individual Leaderboard Events, as well as new Contender Statue Chests which contain Brandr, Yagumo, and Lupita Statues
Check out our upcoming events pages for a more detailed look at the changes to come