Beginning on June 4th, 2021 two new subscription bundles will be appearing in your build menu: The Free Diamond Subscription and The Free Battle Stone subscription!

These exciting new subscriptions will be permanently available going forward. Each subscription lasts 30 days from the day it is claimed, and once they expire you'll be able to claim a new one in it's place.

The Free Diamond Subscription will help you to save up for things like Ancient Chests, event chests containing rare Ascension Materials, or complete lengthy crafting and construction times with a bonus of 135 Diamonds per day!

The Free Battle Stone Subscription will help you to take down your rivals for valuable rings and gold, or give you that extra push you need to succeed in an event with a bonus 2 Battle Stones per day!

We're excited to share these new avenues to earn even more great rewards, and can't wait to see you on the battlefields!