• blackdude.jpgEnio
  • Village Name: Enio
    Kingdom Name: 7dragons
    Stronghold Level: 13
    Highest Win Streak: 13
    Best Battle Streak Honor: 146
    Best Tournament Score: 65
    Ancients unlocked: 18
    Highest Honor: 5068

Gaming Background: Prior to embracing strategy games, Enio was dedicated to sports games. When he came across Samurai Siege, he found a new approach to gaming centered around international coordination and team building. Though Enio had started to take a step back from Samurai Siege, he found renewed interest in strategy games with the release of Rival Kingdoms.

Enio enjoys the relaxed game play that he can experience while playing Rival Kingdoms. Additionally, the social interaction in competing against other kingdoms as well as within his own to achieve Stronghold 15 is something that keeps him striving for the top.

Enio says what Rival Kingdoms does with it’s unique attack structure is create an environment that fosters competitive strategy over fast paced mayhem and gives a new angle to strategy games for him to enjoy. This combined with ruling over his Kingdom and leading them to victory in Kingdom Raids keeps Enio fighting strong and pushing towards the top of the charts.