• pretty(2).jpgKiev
  • Village Name: Kiev
    Kingdom Name: Quantums Web
    Stronghold Level: 12
    Highest Win Streak: 12
    Best Battle Streak Honor: 179
    Best Tournament Score: ?
    Ancients unlocked: 15
    Highest Honor: 4863

Gaming Background: Kiev’s roots in online gaming begin with MMOs such as Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. She’s since extended herself to Mobile gaming with Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege, finally moving onto Rival Kingdoms. The heavy social influence these games have provided her keep her constantly engaged with the draw of meeting new friends as a top perk.

The number one positive aspect in Rival Kingdoms for Kiev is all of the social interaction on display, from organization within your Kingdom to the multiple channels of communication provided through Global, League, Raid and Kingdom chat. Ancients also provide a unique depth to combat within Rival Kingdoms, allowing you to change your strategy completely before a battle into something new and exciting to get an edge over your defender.

The Game allows for fun opportunities to socialize and enjoy strategic battles with lots of options for the players to attack to best fit their preference or the situation at hand. The community, and particularly the VIP Community, is another warm aspect of the game that keeps Kiev happy and engaged with like minded individuals who love racking up Gold, Rings and Loyalty like herself.