• LadyVon.jpgLady Von
  • Village Name: Lady Von
    Kingdom Name: Singapore United
    Stronghold Level: 14
    Highest Win Streak: 17
    Best Battle Streak Honor: 122
    Best Tournament Score: 75
    Ancients unlocked: 20
    Highest Honor: 5402

Gaming Background: Lady Von is a hardcore gamer and boasts about playing games “every minute that [she’s] awake”. Lady Von’s dedication to strategy games goes back two years and now spans across both Clash of Clans and Rival Kingdoms. Lady Von is a team oriented player that leads a group of active and dedicated players. With her Kingdom, Singapore United, they managed to place themselves in the Top 10 Kingdoms Leaderboard and they are now aiming to work up to the Top 3.

Lady Von’s loves the blend of deep game play and advanced graphics that Rival Kingdom’s is able to present. Additionally, she values the active community involvement from Space Ape.

Lady Von sums up her overall experience with RK as “intoxicating” because it brings excitement to her gaming life with all the new events and additions. According to Lady Von, what differentiates Rival Kingdoms from similar games in the genre is the core gameplay that requires strategy according to each situation. For example, during the Kingdom Raids it is necessary to plan out an attack because players change their base layouts and “there isn’t any standard base layout like Clash of Clans”.