• Beardeddude.jpgMakako
  • Village Name: Makako
    Kingdom Name: Kingdom of Ragno
    Stronghold Level: 13
    Highest Win Streak: 13
    Best Battle Streak Honor: 93
    Best Tournament Score: 19
    Ancients unlocked: 18
    Highest Honor: 5168

Gaming Background: Makako’s gaming experience began with console gaming and took a shift to mobile strategy gaming when he discovered Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege. With the release of Rival Kingdoms, it has quickly become Makako’s main game.

Makako lists one of the draws to Rival Kingdoms as the mature graphics that distinguish it from other games. Another big factor to Makako is the supportive community in which feedback, support, and strategy are exchanged.

Makako strives for perfection, desiring the best for his base with the hopes of one day bringing his kingdom to the top of the leaderboard. He attributes his success in the game not only to his dedication but also the amazing community surrounding Rival Kingdoms. “The Community behind your game is fantastic. You made a sort of huge family and you can feel the energy of those people”.