• .jpgNatemZ
  • Village Name: NatemZ
    Kingdom Name: RaiderZ
    Stronghold Level: 15
    Highest Win Streak: AMOUNT
    Best Battle Streak Honor: AMOUNT
    Best Tournament Score: AMOUNT
    Ancients unlocked: AMOUNT
    Highest Honor: AMOUNT

Gaming Background: NatemZ predominantly focuses his attention on the mobile gaming platform. He has always had an eye for the strategy game genre but found himself completely consumed by Samurai Siege, playing exclusively for a year. His support of Space Ape led him into their newest title, Rival Kingdoms. NatemZ holds himself to a high standard preferring to take on the heavy role of leader within his team and values the social interactions highlighted within Rival Kingdoms.

Positive Aspects of RK: NatemZ finds one of the most appealing aspects to Rival Kingdoms is the battles it provides. Having a variety of Ancients at your disposal means the face of war is always changing and the different ancient abilities add a whole new dimension to the game. Battling in Rival Kingdoms also breeds a new methodology to designing a formidable fortress to keep out your attackers that keeps NatemZ on his toes!

Overall Sentiment of RK: A family man, NatemZ really enjoys the uniquely structured Kingdom Raids that allow him to successfully lead his Kingdom in battle with minimum stress on his home life. The heavy focus on team building and social interactions is a huge positive and NatemZ looks forward to additions that help his Kingdom grow.