• .jpgNight Stalker
  • Village Name: Night Stalker
    Kingdom Name: NAME
    Stronghold Level: AMOUNT
    Highest Win Streak: AMOUNT
    Best Battle Streak Honor: AMOUNT
    Best Tournament Score: AMOUNT
    Ancients unlocked: AMOUNT
    Highest Honor: AMOUNT

Gaming Background: Night Stalker is a dedicated mobile gamer starting with Clash of Clans and becoming one of the leaders within the Quantum family. He then moved to other games including Samurai Siege and finally Rival Kingdoms. Night Stalker puts his Kingdom and teammates above personal achievement and takes pride in leading his “family” to great success.

Positive Aspects of RK: Night stalker likes being able to see the results of his hard work and effort reflected personally and within his Kingdom as well. This working formula in a game that is constantly growing and making improvements based on players feedback has created a game that he is more than happy to be a part of.