• Helmet.jpgPaul Smash
  • Village Name: Paul Smash
    Kingdom Name: Smash It
    Stronghold Level: 15
    Highest Win Streak: 176
    Best Battle Streak Honor: 631
    Best Tournament Score: 170
    Ancients unlocked: 19
    Highest Honor: 5243

Gaming Background: Paul is one of the Quantum’s founding members starting his strategy game experience in Quantum’s Rage in Clash of Clans before moving on to Samurai Siege and then Rival Kingdoms. Paul Smash considers himself a leader and likes to create top clans in all mobile strategy games and help bring them to success. In order to accomplish this, he dedicates 6-7 hours per day on games.

Paul Smash enjoys a challenge, and lavishes at the engagement of playing at the highest level of competition. The variety of ancients makes for new and exciting opportunities for unique battles around every corner and loves unlocking as many mastery stars as he can. Even Ruin bases, which many see as the end of their streak, are fun personal hurdles to jump over.

Paul Smash loves the adrenaline rush he feels when playing Rival Kingdoms and utilizes it to be successful in battles, Kingdom Raids, and keeping his alliance going strong. According to the Paul Smash, Rival Kingdoms is more challenging than other games in the genre thanks to many different troops/Ancients combo and strategies to uncover. Paul Smash, never one to turn away from a challenge, enjoys the difficulty and wants more of it!